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Fireworks displays are an art-form, where truly anything is possible

We have found two different approaches work best in creating and producing a show that is best for you...

You may have a budget already for your display, in which case we can design the best show possible, incorporating your ideas.

Or, you may want us to design your show featuring x, y and z and then tell you what it is likely to cost.

Whichever way, we can always create a stunning display with any budget, from £475 to £15,000.

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We are always happy to provide a no-obligation quote for a display you are thinking about, or help you in making the best decisions for your requirements by offering impartial advice.

Scroll down for our simple Pricing Guide:

Firework Displays:

A display purely of fireworks...

We start these at a price of £475, with a 4 minute duration, for an audience of a few hundred people.

As a guide, we then suggest a minimum price of £100 for each additional minute, with the ideal being around £150.

For a larger audience, we would suggest a start price of around £700 for a 5 minute duration, and a price per additional minute of around £200.

From £475

Musical Displays:

A display designed, choreographed and digitally fired to your chosen soundtrack or music...

Starting at £950 for a smaller audience, for a 3 minute duration.

Additional minutes are then ideally priced at £200, depending on the size of the audience.

For a large audience, £2500 for a 10-minute duration is ideal, with a price per additional minute of around £250.

These prices of course all include the sound system too!

We can then add-on lighting effects, lasers, dancing flames too!

From £950

Our Pricing Guide, per minute:

Audience Size Firework Display Musical Display Plus Lasers Plus Lighting Plus Flame Show
Minimum Ideal Wow! Minimum Ideal Wow!
A few hundred £100 £150 £200 £150 £200 £250 From £500 From £500 From £500
Around a thousand £150 £200 £250 £200 £250 £300 From £500 From £500 From £500
Larger £200 £250 £300 £250 £300 £350 Contact us to discuss Contact us to discuss Contact us to discuss

The key considerations when deciding upon the best price:

  • The impact you are going for on your audience: Amazing, Spectacularly Amazing or Heart Stopping? 
  • The length of time you would like the display to last. Naturally the longer the display, the more it is likely to cost. We always recommend to go for intensity rather than duration - the same amount of fireworks in a shorted period of time will be a much more impactful display than spread out over a longer duration.
  • The size of the venue. A large site, with more sky to fill, may require larger and more expensive aerial material to create the wow-factor, whereas this material might not be needed or indeed appropriate at a smaller venue.
  • The shape of the venue. Wide sites allow for multiple firing locations, such as impressive "fronts" to be created, or fireworks to be fired at angles across the sky, whereas a narrow site may only allow for vertical material from a single firing location.
  • The punctuation. For Musical Displays, the best wow-moments are created with the firing of effects to the "punctuation" of the music, so the number and type of effects used will depend on the music itself.
  • The expected audience size. A display with a small audience does not require as many fireworks to be impactful as one with a larger audience.
  • Hi Mark, Thank you for your email, my apologies for the delay of a reply, I’ve just come back into the office after two days off. I unfortunately didn’t stay for the fireworks, but I completely felt for you and your team setting up. It was horrendous conditions out there, so I do appreciate all you did during the set up and changing it to keep the Wedding Party safe. We never expect anything less than an amazing show and that’s why we continue to work alongside yourselves and recommend you at any given point!
    Katie Fletcher, Events Coordinator, The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club
  • Hi Mark, Lucas and I just wanted to drop you all a quick note before we go away on honeymoon, to say a huge Thank You for yesterday - the fireworks were absolutely fab! But more to the point, the service has been first class from the very beginning, you just came in and got the job done inconspicuously with little need for direction from the Bride and Groom. Thanks again you were great!
    Mr & Mrs Aldridge
  • We booked Rock It Fireworks for our wedding in August this year. Mark and his team were extremely professional, paid attention to detail and provided us and all of our guests with an outstanding fireworks display. Rock It Fireworks made our big day memorable and I can't wait to book them again for another family event. Thank-you so much for all of your help!
    Mr and Mrs Sheikh
  • Hi just want to say thankyou so much for doing our wedding on Wednesday the fire works were amazing made the night.
    John and Lesley
  • Hi Mark, Hope all is well. All the guests absolutely loved the fireworks and it was a truly spectacular ending to such a wonderful day, thank you so much for completing our wedding day on such a momentous high and great spectacle. We loved every firework and it's fair to say the day ended on a 'bang'!
    With warm regards, Radha
  • Hi Mark, I’d just like to extend my appreciation for what could only be described as a sensational finale to our evening last night. It really was spectacular. One of our guests commented at the beginning: “it’s not quite Disney but it’s not bad” and by the end they said: “actually that wasn’t far off Disney!” You achieved exactly what we’d hoped: a truly memorable end to a memorable event, and at such good value for money so thank you so much. We will certainly be using you again and recommending you wholeheartedly.
    Steve Wenlock, Managing Director, FlexPress
  • Dear Mark, We just wanted to send you a little note to say a huge thank you for the incredible fireworks at our wedding on Saturday. As you know, I love fireworks, but the display you put on exceeded our expectations and blew our guests away. Everyone has just been saying how amazing the day was and how this was just the icing on top. Thank you so much for setting up discreetly and helping keep the display a success. Of everything we spent money on on Saturday, I would say this was my favourite investment and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    Rebecca and Peter
  • Dear Mark, your fireworks were amazing - I absolutely loved them! I sneaked away by myself and watched, with lights twinkling on the trees in the foreground, the farm stretching up the hill behind them, the moon rising to the right, soft fireworks contrasting with the big bangs while I thought of my daughter getting married. It was a magic moment on a very special day, thank you so much!
    Mr Herbert
  • Hi Mark, I hope you are well. I just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you for providing the fireworks for our wedding. They were absolutely brilliant and more magical than we ever dreamed. Our guest were so impressed. We can’t praise you enough.
    Thanks again, Sarah and Mike
  • Hi Mark. The fireworks were fab! I had some feedback from our senior leadership who was at the event, who has attended lots of these before, and the feedback was that the fireworks were the best display he had seen at this type of event. So great job! and thank you. I'll definitely be in touch next time we need fireworks. Thanks again for your work.
    James, Capital One.
  • Well Guys, you've done it again! A fantastic display that our Employees thoroughly enjoyed. You were really up against it with the weather too, but as we knew you would the safety precautions you took and professionalism you demonstrated were top notch.
    Gary O'Leary, Beedles Lake Golf Club
  • Once again you supplied us with a brilliant display, and our audience continues to grow each year as the word spreads of the quality of the show. The synchronisation of the lasers, music and fireworks was brilliant, we will certainly be booking again next year
    An annual Halloween event
  • Thankyou so much for the display you provided for our New Year Ball. We were amazed by just how spectacular it was, especially considering how much cheaper your prices were than most. We will certainly be booking with you again!
    Cambridge University College Ball
  • We would like to say a BIG THANKYOU for the fabulous display it was absolutely perfect just what we wanted, all the guests commented on the length of the display and the radical ending, we would also like to comment on your wonderful and friendly customer skills. We would recommend you to anyone
    Laura & Gavin, Surprise 40th Birthday party, Platinum package
  • The fireworks were absolutely amazing, they literally blew me away. It was a stunning end to our day. Loads of guests asked how much you charged and your company name, as well as they said how professional they were. I found you to be friendly, attentive and responsive, I found the display to be extremely professional and it was a 100 times better than I ever thought it could be, it definitely had the wow factor, and I would recommend anybody to have fireworks at their wedding, particularly from you. I could see how much effort went into the timings of each firework, they all served a purpose, and the day wouldn't have been the same without them.
    Lucy Macaulay, Bride, Musical Display
  • Rock-It managed to hit the nail on the head for our Diwali celebrations. We were really hoping for an emphasis on it being "the celebration of light" and absolutely got that in one of the most intense finale's we've ever had. The crowd agree.... you Rocked-It!
    Mr Darbari, Community Event Organiser, Silver Package
  • Thank you so much for all your hard work and professionalism on Saturday. Nobody at all cottoned on about the fireworks so a huge thank you for staying all day and what you did. The fireworks were spectacular and blew us all away, we could not believe how loud and good they were, especially the end. We had loads of compliments about them, some even saying that they were better than some organised displays in November they have been to
    Mark Bamford', Groom, Gold Package
  • On behalf of myself and Scott I just wanted to say how amazing the fireworks were. It surpassed everything we dreamed it would be.
    Jennie Beck, Bride, Bronze Package
  • Thankyou for the fantastic display you put on for us. The fireworks were just brilliant and unbeatable for the price. You really exceeded what we had hoped for. Our Guests absolutely loved it
    The newly-wed Mr & Mrs Cropston
  • Once again many thanks for the excellent fireworks you provided. Your professionalism and dedication to satisfying what our customers expect of the Square Hotel was brilliant. I would be happy to recommend you and look forward to working together next year
  • I just wanted to email you to say thank you very much for the fireworks, they were absolutely brilliant. I can't believe how good the show was for the price, and should we do this again next year, we will definitely be having you back.
    Leon Halls, DS Smith Packaging